40 Day Journey

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Genre :: Melodic Hardcore
Status :: live and loud!
Location :: Gauteng, South Africa
Last Login :: Tuesday 12th of April 2011
Facebook :: http://www.facebook.com/reqs.php#!/FortydayJourney?sk=info
Myspace :: http://www.myspace.com/fortydayjourney40


40 Day Journey is a South African Christian Melodic Hardcore band from Johannesburg. Founded by original members Murray and Shaun, after playing in the worship team, for awhile, Kyle started playing as well and the trio was started. Starting off 4 years ago with a very melodic style, their music style has evolved and changed creating a blend of hardcore breakdowns with screaming infused with blues riffs and harmonious vocals.

Murray Ellison started playing the guitar at age 15 in the churches vestry. He started playing the guitar because he never really enjoyed school and found playing the guitar a way to just forget about everything. His playing started with church songs but he developed a real passion for aggressive rock leading to the way he play now. Guitar is his passion and a God given talent and he uses this talent to give our Father the glory. Kyle started playing drums when his sister got a set for Christmas in 2003. he would then just go and mess around on the drums practicing when he could and taught himself how to play. Realizing that God had given me a gift, he decided to do his best for Him and give Him everything in return, using it to reach out to people that probably would not have heard the message before. Shaun’s bass playing started with Murray on his Dad’s acoustic guitar. he started off listening to underground punk music, which really shaped the way he play, and gradually got heavier as the band progressed. Shaun quotes “God has given me an amazing opportunity to change lives through music and as long as He allows me to do it, I’ll do it for him.”

40 Day journey’s members are openly Christian, wanting to bring Light to a Darkened World..

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