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Genre :: Thrash/Prog/Power
Status :: in recording but playing live too!
Location :: Alberton, JHB, Gauteng, South Africa
Last Login :: Tuesday 2nd of March 2010
Url :: http://Under Construction
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Formed in the early 90ís as a non stereo-typical thrash act, Agro added new life, combined with aggression and constant entertainment to a rock scene that had become saturated by bay area style death metal clones. Within a few short years the band honed their craft, expanding musically and added a neo-classical touch with a keyboard player to the already powerful melodic twin guitar attack.This resulted in power metal/thrash structured songs with an aggressive yet audible vocal approach that added depth and originality to the then stagnating metal scene in South Africa.

The band has and never will compromise their sound and forge forward in the true heavy metal spirit with continuous live shows that offers everyone a show of true professional musicianship combined with a hedonistic, larger than life, tongue-in -cheek attitude. Fueled with beer and the true rock ní roll party spirit, all these years later with 6 full albums and African and European tours under their belts Agro is now back in studio for their long-awaited 7th album.

Get ready to hail the brightest light from the darkest continent.

Spreading the mayhem...

1. 'ritual 6' was mastered by Michael Hankel ( Holy Moses, Apocalyptichin Reiter, Tankard, Reckless Tide, etc)

2. The album was released worldwide through Armageddon Records in Germany.

3. The album was rated in the top 20 metal albums of the year by Germany's biggest and longest-lasting printed magazine ROCK HARD!

4. Grease's Metal Hammer rated the album in the top 10 and #1 "most pleasant surprise" for the year!

5. Previous albums have included guest appearances from Johnny Lindvist from Sweden's Nocturnal Rites and South Africas most well known and out-spoken rock diva Jo Day.

6. Agro was rated by the USA mag KNAC as the absolute winners of Germany's Wacken Open Air Festival of that year.

7. Agro have toured and shared stages with metal giants such as Nightwish, Sentenced, Morbid Angel, Dee Shnider, Doro, Dark Funeral, Blaze Bayley, Stratovarious, Gamma Ray, Blind Guardian, Mortification, Carcass and many more.

8. Agro have played or headlined all major music festivals in S.A. including Woodstock, Oppikoppi, Bosberok, Witchfest, Lucky Fish, Winterbach, Lentebach, Motherfudd etc.

9. Agro was invited twice by the Botswana government to headline the World Aids Day Charity Festival in Maun, Northern Botswana.

10. 2010 sees Agro releasing two full-length albums, a DVD, a few international compilations and playing live and loud everywhere!

Agro Memers
Cliff Crabb

Nic Vassilev

Shane Pennicott

Wez Hitchin

Rob Riebler

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