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Genre :: Rock
Status :: live and loud!
Location :: Gauteng, South Africa
Last Login :: Sunday 18th of March 2012
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‘Passionate unto death’ is a truly apt description for 4-piece Johannesburg-based band, Ardent Ashes.

21-year-old William (drummer), 24-year-old Kris (bassist), 22-year-old Eugene (lead guitarist) and 28-year-old Etienne (frontman and guitarist) attribute their musical style to inspiration from outfits like Chevelle, Seether, Silverchair and Skillet, with the unmistakable undertones of grunge Superband, Nirvana, occasionally filtering through.

The band hit the scene in August 2010 and, despite undergoing a number of frustrating changes in personnel, Ardent Ashes has evolved into an 110% committed, “balls to the wall”, group of guys who truly epitomise the sentiment behind the name.

Says Etienne: “’Passionate unto death’ is how we’ll always be, towards both the music and our fans.”

When asked what made them start the band, he adds, “Since I first picked up a guitar at the age of 16, I knew that this is what I wanted to do until the day I die. To be able to create something out of pure silence is truly a gift, for which I am incredibly grateful. Starting a band was the right thing to do and there’s no experience like it when the music’s rockin’.”

Newcomer William’s career with the band came as somewhat of a surprise, as much to himself as anyone else. “I went along to support the band and wound up on backing vocals! I was reeled in by the depth of the guys’ passion for music – something I’m so on fire with; this is my opportunity to live my dream.”
And these dreams look set to become a reality!

Searching for the perfect rocker Eugene was audtioned to complete the outfit with his mad solos and crazy dedication to music.

In February 2012 Llewellyn left Ardent Ashes and since then newcomer Kris has joined the band to fill in with his wicked bass skills and outright awesome stage performance.

Ardent Ashes made waves throughout the year, reaching semi-final or final rounds in Klipdrift Battle of the Bands, Emerging Sounds Challenge and the Battle for Thornfest. Having already made a name for themselves at local venues such as The Black Dahlia, Knight and Dragon, Cool Runnings, Asylum, Rockabilly's and Woody’s, the guys aim to extend their scope to other fave rocker hang-outs like Tanz Café, Café Barcelona and Mokha Rock Lounge. Plans for the coming year include recording their first EP and then getting out on tour.

Etienne concludes: “Our M.O. is to get out there and give our all and trust God to guide the way ahead. With the support of our fan-base, we feel the sky’s the limit.”

Ardent Ashes Memers
Vocals, Guitar

Vocals, Drums


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