Arise to Conquer


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Genre :: Metal
Status :: gigging and looking for gigs
Location :: Durban, Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa
Last Login :: Wednesday 25th of February 2009
Url ::

A.T.C emerged from the armpit of Durban. The four members Dillen, Chris, Bryan and newly joined Gareth bring music back to its essence with volume and reason to create new limits. Their lyrics are true to the heart and straight to the point. Combined with a sound that is pure energy and unfettered passion. Delivering powerful dual vocals, definitive pauses, twin guitar attack and powerful rhythmic drumming that combines the fury of thrash metal.

Their energetic stage performance powers up the crowd leaving the scene in one massive pit.
After months of playing shows and winning over crowds in the always competitive Durban Music Scene, their popularity has grown extensively since Burn the Bands finishing 2nd and 3rd place respectfully of 2 years running . They've cemented theirreputationand made A.T.C a household name.

A.T.C has a good communication with the audience for their chant is clearly cheered while they perform and therefore instantly receiving the respect and attention they've earned. They have built up a bottomless bond between the band and its fans. Everyone from disenfranchised teens to incarcerated individuals have felt their musical influence and leave the crowd with a powerful and lasting impression.


Arise to Conquer Memers
Dillen Hagan

Rhythm Guitar and Vox

Bryan Gouws

Lead Guitar

Chris Graham

Drums and Back up Vox

Gareth Burmeister

Bass Guitar

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