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Genre :: Rock
Location :: Western Cape, South Africa
Last Login :: Thursday 15th of January 2009

Autopilot hails from Edgemead, Cape Town, South Africa. Formed in 2004, the 4-piece rock outfit includes Shane Coomber, Wihan Pretorius, Kevin Sykes and Riaan Conradie.

Shane, Kevin, Wihan and Bredan Keizer originally formed the band,`Scoring Morag`. They played a couple of shows, but after a few months, Brendan left the band to pursue a career in sound engineering. Shane, Kevin and Wihan decided to stay together and write music until they could find another drummer.

Not being able to find a band to play for, Riaan decided to place an advert in a local newspaper to see if any band would respond. As luck would have, the following day, Kevin phoned and arranged a quick meeting together with Wihan. Riaan was given a demo CD that the band made a couple of months before and arranged for an audition with the band. Immediately they gelled. And so Autopilot was formed!

The band immediately started work on the drum-tracks for the songs that were written by the three whilst they had no drummer. After getting all the drum-tracks down, the guys started writing new material. Writing music came naturally to Shane and Kevin, who are the main songwriters.

After some time writing music, the band hit the studio. Recording two songs:`203` and `Lamentation`.

Autopilot have now released their EP `8 Feet And Climbing`. The EP has 6 tracks and they are hoping to get airplay on the major radio stations soon.

They recently played the Down the Coast Rock Festival in Langebaan, Cape Town and were honoured to share the stage with the likes of the Finks, the Parlotones, Sugardrive, Prime Circle, Wonderboom and many more.

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