Autumn Arcade

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Genre :: Punk
Status :: in recording...
Location :: Boksburg, Gauteng, South Africa
Last Login :: Friday 9th of March 2012
Url ::
Facebook ::!/AutumnArcade
Myspace ::

A group of four crazy fucking dudes who recently started up the band called Autumn Arcade with nothing but their instruments and cases of beers.

Hard working band. Their mission is to become one of the most hard working bands in SA. Doing gigs almost everynight.

Autumn Arcade Memers
Guitar, vocals
Equippted with: Line 6 spider amp and Angus Young signature SP guitar (Brown). Pedals. etc

Equippted with: Angus young signature SP guitar (Red) And recording system. etc

Equippted with: Acoustic and electronic drumset.

Good guy
Equippted with: Bass guiatr

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