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Genre :: Death Metal
Location :: Western Cape, South Africa
Last Login :: Tuesday 10th of February 2009

The band Azrail stems forth from the ashes of a number of previous college bands. Formed by Vocalist Joel and bassist Oliver the band that would be known as Azrail was joined by Guitarist Riaan Smit in early 2006 and by drummer Marius Theron mid 2006. The foursome would find in their ranks a true understanding and brotherhood as all share the belief of the forging strength of Metal.

The band would find their arsenal growing more powerful with the adding of guitarist Sergio in early 2007 bringing a new element of destruction to the ranks of Azrail

2008 saw the departure of Sergio as lead guitarist from the band as he chose to persue a career in the US armed forces.
This left Azrail in a tight spot as Sergio played quite a key role in the bands progression aspecially with regards to sound.
In March of 2008 the band found the perfect replacement in former band mate of Marius\\\\\\\'s. Petri Coetzee.

The addition of Petri has forced the bands sound in a new direction by incorporating the old Azrail sound with more Death Metal influence.
The band is going strong and it seems like their is no end in sight for the metal force.

Azrail just completed the recording of their 1st album \\\\\\\"PRIMORDIAL\\\\\\\"

It is due to be launched on the 15th of December at whiplash festival.

Upcoming to this event Azrail will performing at the Metal4Africa DVD launch on the 4th of october at klein libertas theatre.

Azrail will be touring Primordial in january 2009. check the following link to see if its in a town near you.

for the Bands facebook fan page go to:

Azrail Memers
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