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Genre :: Rock
Status :: live and loud!
Location :: East Rand, Gauteng, South Africa
Last Login :: Tuesday 4th of August 2009
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Martin Roos, 32 – Lead vocals and rhythm guitar.
Michiel van Niekerk, 22 – Lead guitar.
Albert Etsebeth, 21 – Bass guitar and backing vocals.
Quintin Butler, 19 – Drums and backing vocals.

History of the band...

In 2006, brothers Anton and Martin Roos (who where a two-piece “cover-band” called ROOSTERBROOD), decided to showcase their original songs in a full-band outfit side project with the Butler brothers Sydney (who also played lead for Sonsteek) and Quintin. The band was to be called 4 HERTZ. But Anton quickly lost interest and withdrew. Subsequently, 4 HERTZ never felt the warmth of the stage lights.

Martin, Sydney and Quintin “jammed” in the rehearsal room for kicks, but soon realized they had something going for them. With no bassist, Quintin who was in the Campus For Performing Arts (COPA), rounded up one of his classmates, Albert, to play bass guitar in the band. That was in November 2006.

Several band names were suggested, but none of them had that special “ring” to it. Then, one day, Martin saw a street name in Vanderbijlpark namely BALZAC STR., and decides to take a picture of the street sign because he found it amusing. He then suggested to name the band BALZAC STR. But before the proposal was excepted by the members, a Google search was initiated to determine whether there was connections to any obscenity regarding the name. There they saw that there was a famous 18th century French writer called Honore De Balzac whose written work and outlook on life and society matched theirs, and there and then decided that the name would be BALZAC STRAAT.

In February 2007 they record their promotional EP at B Sharp Studios in Boksburg, and gave out copies at their shows to lay a supporters foundation for the release of their full length album at a later stage. Martin quits ROOSTERBROOD that same month.

A year later, they shoot the music video of their song “Nuwe Węreld” in Potchefstroom.

In February 2009 Sydney quit BALZAC STRAAT to further his psychology studies, and is replaced by Machiel van Niekerk (who also studied at COPA and plays lead guitar for the rocking band, Erebus)

We are a band who basically want to write music about things that matter to us. Be they global or personal. We do predominantly Afrikaans but worry more about the message than the language. Right now we play mostly covers at our gigs to put food on the table. Of course we try to have fun with cover music too. About our members: Martin Roos- Half of the duo "Roosterbrood" and now the frontman for Balzac Straat! Martin digs booze and Rokkeloos (that kind of rhymes) / /Quintin Butler - Likes the drums, dislikes work ,and he is as crazy as a Monkey on acid /Albert Etsebeth - has a weird last name and a huge gap where the 80's should be / Michiel van Niekerk - The mellow one who talks like a stoner.

Michiel van Niekerk

Lead guitar

Martin Roos

Equipted with: Analog, baby! Boss DS 1 Distortion pedal, Jimmy Hendrix signiture Cry Baby, Boss passive volume pedal and a lightweight Marshal MG 100 DFX amp.

Quintin Butler

Equipted with: A silly hat with ears...

Albert Etsebeth

Equipted with: WSD 200 amp

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