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Genre :: Alternative Metal
Location :: Western Cape, South Africa
Last Login :: Wednesday 18th of February 2009

Jordanian Doom/Death Band

In 2002, Jordan had one more thing to introduce to the world. A doom/death band which compose an oriental tunes mixed with black touches and heavy influence of progressive death.

Bilocate formed in 2002 and released their first full-length album "Dysphoria" in 2005. The track list of the album contain 8 songs with a total run time extends to more than 60 min. of the very unique sound of them. The album includes the longest track has been composed by any Arabic band "A Desire to Leave" which almost 20 min.

From pure doom songs like Shrouded to a doom/death tracks like A Deadly Path and not to forget their hit track 2nd War In Heaven, Bilocate created their very unique sound which has been recommended by great online webzines like,,,,,,,,,, Discover Sounds Magazine ,,, and more.

Bilocate are proud to be the first and only Jordanian metal band has been featured on Jordan's official governmental radio in a show lasted for 5 hours. The show included a full run of the album and an interview with the band's members as well.

In Addition, Bilocate became the very first Jordanian band to perform in Egypt at EgyptMetal gig. Not to mention the local gigs in Amman – the capital of Jordan -, Bilocate's fan base extended from Jordan to Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Syria, United Arab Emirates, Libya, united kingdom, Sweden, Norway and even United states of America. Dysphoria has been listed as the best local metal seller in 2006.

In live appearances, Bilocate performed –in addition to their originals- covers for My Dying Bride, Katatonia, Dimmu Borgir, Anathema and Opeth. Some of the songs do not include keyboards lines. That was not a hold back for the band. Keyboardist Wassim Essayed composed his very talented lines for them.

The Major event for Bilocate in 2006 was to headline Egypt metal gig which took place at Cairo in 22/9 and featured the best band of the Egyptian metal scene such as Demon's Shrine and the Libyan black metal band Bath In Sin. The band performed awesome originals such as The Tragedy Within and Days of Joys in addition to covers of My Dying Bride "She is The Dark", Katatonia "12" and Opeth "The Grand Conjuration". Bilocate had the highest rate at a voting followed the show.

Bilocate recently is looking to perform and participate in more shows as they prepare for record their second album. The album is at the composing process. The album will have the same great sound of Bilocate with touches of the members' influences. Bilocate looks to confirm their position as one of the best Arabian metal bands and gain more fans all over the world.

Bilocate Are:

Ramzi Essayed – Vocals
Rami Haykal – Rythem Guitarist
Wassim Essayed – Keyboards
Baha'a Farah – Lead Guitarist
Hani Al Abbadi – Bass
Ahmad Kloub - Drums

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