Black Era

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Genre :: Rock
Status :: in recording but playing live too!
Location :: Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa
Last Login :: Tuesday 9th of March 2010
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Black Era is based in Pretoria, South Africa.

The 4 piece Rock ‘n Roll outfit consists of Karlo de Villiers (lead vocals and guitar), Rudolph Botha (lead guitar), Elmi Botha (bass) and Adriaan Cruywagen (drums)

Black Era was formed 3 years ago, in a time of uncertainty, deception, and ultimately the undeniable desire for musical freedom... Due to a series of unfortunate events and the passing of some strict (not to mention dubious) laws, fate predicted that Rudolph, Elmi, Karlo and Adriaan end up in an uninhabited tavern, which, till today, they call home. Without any intervention of sort, music was born, and it is known today as the genius that is Black Era.

Influences: Kiss, Black Sabbath, ACDC, Def Leppard, Wolfmother

Their explosive performances combined with their distinctive style and unparalleled original sound is exactly that which brings about their passionate musically-inspired lifestyle. Since their formation, Black Era has played at almost every venue in the Pretoria/Centurion area, adding up to almost 125 shows, which resultantly earned them much respect within the local scene.

Black Era fans range from teenagers, students, working class and even likeminded parents. Both the Afrikaans and English markets enjoy their music. They are on the verge of breaking the seal on the South African music scene.

Rudolph was forced to subside into a guitar-breathing existence, and resultantly, many claim him to be the ultimate guitarist… Offstage, Rudolph is a mentor to many a prospective guitarist, but he is also soon to be a master sound engineer.

As for Elmi, the melodic mind link she shares with Rudolph, inspired her to take on playing bass. The merging of two extremities: unparalleled beauty and the deep voice of instrumental foundation, resulted in the culmination of what is today the most divine looking, unique-styled, bassist in the known universe! Other than bass, she is a master of the keyboard and musical scene.

At a young age everyone knew that Karlo had a voice beyond comparison. His vocal abilities kept on intensifying, until the populous declared his voice to be that of an angel, caught up in the body of a mere mortal. Karlo currently spends time at COPA, mastering the art that is music.

Adriaan’s parents found him in the meadow one morning, playing an astounding musical piece by grasping a stick in each hand, hitting hollow rocks with it, and strategically tapping his feet next to two terrified bullfrogs... At first sight, they thought he was only a child, but in time it was revealed that he is the foremost time-keeper alive today. When not facing off with a metronome, Adriaan captures the beauty of our world in the confining milieu of photography.

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