Black Soul Cafe

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Genre :: Rock
Status :: live and loud!
Location :: Gauteng, South Africa
Last Login :: Tuesday 4th of August 2009
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Black Soul Cafe jammed together for the first time on the 28th April 2008, but have had ties with each other for so long that it seems ironic that they only founded the band now. G and Johann have known each other for years and had been jamming on and off for awhile when Zurika met G. Zurika and G then began to dedicatedly work together, in and out of bands. One of these included a man with whom Jenna and Johann would later join in a band for nearly all of 2007. After their last band started to suffer, Jenna and Johann discussed approaching Zurika and G, both of whom Jenna knew through her brother Dylan (of Emperium Abruptus). Sometime later, Johann contacted G after a chance meeting, and the wheel began to turn...After four months of heavy sweating and thinking they were going to do it, Johann decides to leave the band to start a new Afrikaans, more commercial band. The blow to the band pushed them in a totally different direction, and for several months, whilst looking for a new vocalist, they developed a number of instrumental songs with limited female vocals. An high school friend of Jenna's, Motheo Louis, is the latest addition to the band as vocalist. After yet another potential vocalist got cold feet, they got talking about the possibility of Motheo doing vocals, and after he belted Alpha out for the first time it was pretty much decided. Motheo's new vocals complement the band's diverse range of influences in their music, and influence the dynamics of the music well. Within weeks of discovering Motheo, the drummer for Emperium, Cameron Zuccarelli, offered to join them and has since innovated the music to an even further extent, bringing in unique techniques that emphasize the style of Black Soul Cafe's music. HAIL!

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