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Genre :: Metal
Status :: in recording but playing live too!
Location :: Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
Last Login :: Wednesday 6th of April 2011
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In 2006 Tiens van Zyl had an idea to form a heavier and more unique band than the projects he was part of. He contacted Louis Venter a friend and they decided to start a band named Halcyon. Louis joined Tiens’ then current project choking!hazard as their 2nd guitarist and due to time constraints Halcyon was put on hold.
Beginning of 2009 Louis and Tiens decided to go ahead with Halcyon but changed the band’s name to Broken Truce as too many bands already used the name Halcyon. They recruited drummer Stuart Thompson and vocalist Cameron Hay to complete the lineup.
Louis and Tiens already had a lot of material written and Broken Truce started putting the tracks together. 29 August 2009, “Lying Eyes”, their first Demo single was recorded and released on the Internet as a free download to show the world what Broken Truce is up to.
Broken Truce is planning to record two more tracks to put up for free download and start building a growing fan base.
We’ve secured our first show for October 2009 and will be working hard on the road to bring the Broken Truce sound to the masses.
Thanks for your interest in Broken Truce. Comments are always welcome.
You can visit our website at to download “Lying Eyes” and keep up to date on what we are doing.
Louis, Stuart, Cameron and Tiens

01. Singles - Stone Fish

Broken Truce Memers
Andries Cornelius

Louis Venter

Patric "Ducky" Trollope

Stuart Thompson

Tiens van Zyl

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