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Genre :: Metal
Status :: gigging and looking for gigs
Location :: Randburg, Gauteng, South Africa
Last Login :: Monday 18th of May 2009
Url :: http://www.reverbnation.comconscript

Conscript is drummer Logan Kelso, Guitarist Darryl Parkinson, Vocalist Alex Trapani and Bassist Shane Pennicott.
Involved in the music industry for many years, this Metal band comes together and creates a supernatural enchantment into the science known as Conscript.

Conscript, born out of Chokehold, was created by former band members of Funeral, Logan and Darryl. They came together with Alex on vocals, Chris Watson on bass and later Hugo Pelzer on 2nd guitar, and Chokehold propagated a following in the Metal scene, but due to international name clashes and changes in line up, at Motherfudd 2008 the band announced a name change and Conscript was born.

With Chris relocating to the USA, Conscript enlisted Shane Pennicott, lead guitarist for AGRO, on bass. Hugo left soon thereafter and the band focused on recording an album.

With Shane’s wealth of experience, at Tritone Recording Studio, his own studios, he recorded and produced Conscript’s debut album “The Clearest Illusion.”

Conscript has played at festivals such as Motherfudd, Grimfest, Seasons Wither and more, as well as venues like Tempo’s, Zeplins, The Black Dahlia, London Calling and more…

Conscript is:
Alex - Vocals
Darryl - Guitars
Logan - Drums
Shane - Bass (currently on loan from Agro)

You can contact us at the following locations:

and also on facebook: Conscript Band

Yours in Metal - Stay true
m/ conscript m/

(You can also catch our tunes at reverbnation, plus there is a link to download the album for free!!!)

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Conscriptposted on Monday 18th of May 2009 at 09:52

We love Conscript... do you?

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