Day turns night

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Genre :: Death Metal
Location :: Western Cape, South Africa
Last Login :: Monday 2nd of March 2009

Day turns Night

Day turns Night only came together in the year of 2006. We all used to play in former bands, hoping to make music for the rest of our life! Ferdi, Izan, Roland and Tian used to play in a former band (Fozim) situated in Somerset West, and Karel played in a band (Decay of Angels) situated in Stellenbosch.

Earlier in 2005 the two bands played a few shows together, had a few drinks and almost instantly became friends! After backbreaking tours and shows of remembrance, Fozim and D.o.A. broke up more or less the same time in 2005. The remaining members of Fozim decided to keep the music flowing and recorded a 3track demo for auditions. We started with auditions early in March 2006. After a few auditions we didn’t quite find what we were looking for, so we got together at a local bar to put our heads together and think things through…

We came up with the idea of asking our old friend Karel (D.o.A.) to join forces and start from the beginning and creating something totally new and fresh. He sadly rejected our proposal due to having more important priorities. So we ended up in the same bar with the same distinct look on our faces…(f**k)

A month or so passed when we received an unsuspected call from Karel asking if our offer is still available, we replied with no hesitation. The following week we had an audition with great results, finally the dark cloud above our heads had lifted with a brand new vocalist and a thundering light of inspiration, hoping to create a brand new family of followers supporting the music that we call Day turns Night…!

Members of the band:

Roland Debeer: Guitar
Age: 19
Influence: The Black Dhalia Murder; Lamb of god; Johnn5.

Izan Visser: Guitar
Age: 20
Influence: Agony scene; Chaimera; BFMV; Devil Driver.

Ferdinand Groenewald: Drums
Age: 19
Influence: Pennywise; Avenged 7 Fold,Slipknot,Agony scene,Unearth,B.F.M.V

Karel Kogler: Vocals
Age: 20
Influence: In Flames; the Haunted; Arch Enemy

Tian Beeton: Bass
Age: 20
Influence: Chimera; Agony Scene; Lamb of god.

Normally people ask us: "what genre are you guys and what do you sound like." And normally we don't know,because we haven't heard a band like us.It's a mix of metals and styles.If you wan't to hear something new,well,download our song.

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