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Genre :: Alternative Rock
Status :: in recording but playing live too!
Location :: Gauteng, South Africa
Last Login :: Friday 23rd of April 2010
Url :: http://www.digfish.co.za

Facebook :: http://www.facebook.com/?ref=logo#!/group.php?gid=16755526345&ref=ts

Guitar/Lead Vocals Marco Wilde
Bass/Vocals Adrian Smith
Drums/Percussion Jethro Hill
Digfish are a Joburg based band. They are known for their commitment to their original sound, diversity of musical influences and voicing political views in their lyrics. Therefore they could be labeled as a punk band. A fan of their live gigs once summed up their music as “An afro-fusion, rockabilly punk band”.


Digfish were formed mid 2006. Over the years, however, Digfish have experimented with a great number of musical styles and nurtured numerous different inspirations. As a rock band they generally stand out of the crowd having a greater emphasis on the rhythm section. They have also been classified as rock, indie rock, gothic rock and funk. Their repertoire is much wider and more subtle than that and also includes quieter, more emotive and softer material often performed acoustically. Thus it would be inaccurate to simply classify them as any of these genres. Rather one should recognise them for what they really are: a very versatile underground rock band with many different musical roots.
Lyrically and musically Marco Wilde has had a very close relationship with fellow band member Roland. (Roland left the band late 2009 to pursue other musical interests – he will be missed)
Dogfish have been drinking and smoking buddies since high school days. Jethro later joined the band after meeting up at the Metallica Coca Cola Colab concert in 2006.
Adrian Smith joined the band late 2009 as a lead guitarist but with Roland’s departure he has filled the shoes of the bassist. So Digfish remains a 3 piece band for now.
Since then DigFish have been creating and showcasing their musical style on the Johannesburg gig circuit. They long to hit the road and tour. Keep an eye out for us on the South Coast, in Botswana and Swaziland soon.


The band name was founded on the members mutual interest in aquariums. They felt that there are few images that depict the diversity of their music as much as the variety you find in most aquariums.

01. Back from the Abyss - For My Cherry
02. Back from the Abyss - In the Bone Marrow
03. Back from the Abyss - Mission Man
04. Back from the Abyss - Taxi Jive
05. Back from the Abyss - Amazing Grace
06. Back from the Abyss - Ich Weiss
07. Back from the Abyss - Grinding Stone
08. Back from the Abyss - Acid Le Funk (instramental)
01. From the Abyss - Cranial Drop
02. From the Abyss - Mugabe
03. From the Abyss - Heat Stroke
04. From the Abyss - Yellow Dog

Digfish Memers
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