Driver Down

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Genre :: Hard Rock
Status :: ready and looking for gigs
Location :: Western Cape, South Africa
Last Login :: Wednesday 18th of March 2009

The Driver Down concept started when two friends, Albert Smit and Andre Nortje, after having been writing material for a while to satisfy their love for music, decided to take it to the next level by forming a band.

Thanks to Albertís subtle manipulation skills he coerced Jack Stone to quit his current band to join Driver Down.

Quewin Keyser, vocalist and poet was shortly afterwards invited to listen to the raw material. Blown away, he immediately insisted on being a part of the project.

The band continued, collaborating with a number of drummers to get, and keep the project rolling... As time went by they realised that they had not found the right drummer to compliment their envisioned sound. They contacted a close friend who they knew shared the vision for their music, having been kept in the loop from the start. PJ Smitsdorff, in Scotland at the time, decided to pack his bags return home.

With all the pieces in place, February 2007 marked the birth of Driver Down.

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