Erotic Monster

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Genre :: Old-school Rock 'N Roll full of scorching solo's and soulful meaning.
Status :: live and loud!
Location :: Durban, Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa
Last Login :: Thursday 27th of August 2009

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"We are a group of very skilled musicians, who occasionally do freelance work as adult movie and Daddy G started this band over 12 years ago when we realised that rock n' roll was dying, and needed to be saved. So we left our 4th grade education behind and went to save the world. Getting gigs wasn't easy, people kept saying we were underaged sex mongers, who were too young, too horny, and needed a drummer and a bassist to play a proper gig.
Nevertheless we managed to get by for two years that way, just catching buses around the country and playing on our two guitars and mic at every pub we found, until they kicked us off the stage, or pulled us off of their daughters.

One day we found ourselves outside a large house where we heard the most fragrant sweetest rocking drum beats we've ever heard, even to this day. We peaked into the window and there was little Micky Swaggerfield, no more than 11 years old, just like us, rocking out mad crazy sweetness on the drums. We climbed through his window and hit him with a cloth full of chloroform, packed up him and his drums and were out of there before his parents found out that their little jazz prodigy was gone.
We taught Micky about Rock n' roll, dirty clothing, sexy time and all the other tasty wet details of life on the road. It was then as if the world was hit by a tornado of rock 'n roll as we swept the country all the way from Poff Adder to the upper ends of the Limpopo, spreading the gospel of the Sexual Rock Inferno.

One fateful night when the thunder lit up the sky and the lightning was bellowing, myself, Micky and Daddy G found ourselves engrossed in the bodies of thirteen fine young ladies, engaged in a mighty sex-orgy filled with sweating and moanings. None of us are clear on the exact happenings of the eve, but we were flabbergasted when nine months later, groupie number 6 found us and presented us with a live human man baby, and said, “Hello, This is our Lovechild.”
“Wow, ” blurted Daddy G, “He's got some pretty sweet dreadlocks for a man baby.”
“And he plays da bass like a muthaf***a” Said groupie 6. So we took him just like Micky Swaggerfield, named him Lovechild Johnson and he joined the Sexual Rock Inferno by taking up the fat strings of the bass, and slapped that poor thing like a kinky-woman who had it coming.

We're now known as Erotic Monster, We're here to bring Rock n' Roll back to life and have sex with all the unloved ladies in our immediate vicinity, whether one by one or all together. thats what you get for free, the rest you gotta pay for " - Don Jenzo

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