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Genre :: Metal
Status :: ready and looking for gigs
Location :: Western Cape, South Africa
Last Login :: Tuesday 6th of January 2009

FearStrike was conceived in the dark depths of Cape Town and was brought to life back in 2003 by Guitarist/Vocalist Dax Brown and Bassist Wayne Shelver along with then drummer James Woolley. They were originally known as Silo. The band took a break for six months at the end of 2004 while Dax went overseas.
Dax returned in April 2005 and the band resumed in May with one difference, down tuned 7 string guitars and basses! The band then infused their earlier grunge sound with modern forms of metal and they changed their name to FearStrike.
Playing gigs predominantly in the Observatory clubs the band continually defined their sound and in 2006 introduced Alex Baker as their second guitarist to fill up and add more dynamic to their ever changing sound.
At the end of 2006 the band said farewell to drummer James Woolley and John Yarnold joined the band. Johns stay was short lived and departed from the band in April 2007.
The band was forced to take time out to see what the future was going to hold for the band. Dax and Wayne knew that Alex could play drums and they decided to try a few rehearsals with Alex behind the kit. Alex\'s stay behind the kit was also short lived and he was soon replaced by Hugo Louw formally of Red October. The band played very sparsed gigs over the course of a year as well as work and define their sound and now with the recent inclusion of Craig Tong on guitar the band are eyeing 2009 as a break out year
With all the pieces in place, FearStrike\'s main objective is to grow their sound, create friendships and fuck shit up along the way!

FearStrike have currently been working with new guitarist Craig Tong and have started work on refining existing songs as well as working on two new tracks.
At present we are in the process of organising shoots, studio time and arranging shows and events. Check out our Myspace and Facebook group pages for updates, blogs and events.

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