Forsaken Vengeance

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Genre :: Metal
Status :: ready and looking for gigs
Location :: Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa
Last Login :: Friday 27th of February 2009

We are young metalheads who just want to make music. We are all great musicians and we just love showing our darkside...

Don\'t we all?

Here\'s the story....

2 young guns, guitarist and drummer, decided that their jamming will never be enough! They welcomed in a few vocalists and bassists, but they later settled on the current combo.

A few months, many songs and jam sessions later, they decided that this thing is going to get big! So they recruited another guitarist to lend a helping hand with the shredding part of things...and later he became a permanent member.

Until this day, they are jamming, writing and recording songs and soon they will start gigging all over the globe.

We, Forsaken Vengeance Band Members, all believe that it is important to interact with the fans, as they are the main driving force behind the band\'s development and we rely on the fans to spread our music. So please support us by attending our gigs and spreading the word. We appreciate it very much! Thank you for the support and giving us the strength to blow minds at every gig.


Forsaken Vengeance Memers
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