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Genre :: Metal
Status :: gigging and looking for gigs
Location :: Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
Last Login :: Saturday 30th of May 2009
Url ::

Gadabout, a 4 piece metal band from Johannesburg South Africa formed in 2003, has experienced great success in South Africa. Gadabout has featured on compilation albums, performed in venues and festivals all over South Africa and recently featured on the main RAMFEST dvd.

The festivals include:
Mother Fudd
Whiplash (Cape Town)
Obz Festival (Cape Town)
The Summoning
Seasons Wither

Gadabout is influenced by bands such as: Metallica, Pantera, Slipknot, Tool, Lamb of God and KoRn, and have created their music around what come naturally to them.

"Gadabout impressed me with distorted guitars, gut kicking hooks and rich vibrating growls. Their songs draw you into a black hole of rhythmic head banging and at times there was some frenzied moshing."

"Gadabout, who are in my personal opinion, one of the unsung heroes of the South African underground metal scene!" - Louis Du Pisani, UJfm

"They have their own unique sound & showed everybody that bands don't necessarily have to follow the main stream to Kick Ass. A Heavier, Harsher and even more Gut Wrenchingly band I've heard in a long time. Gadabout is currently one of SA's best upcoming bands on the circuit. If you want a good Head Bang for a change this is definitely a band to go check out!!"

Gadabout Memers
Stefan Stabic

Vocals Guitars

Corne Botha

Lead Guitar

Brandon Williams


Clinton Eriksson

Bass Guitars Backing Vocals

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