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Genre :: Progressive Rock/ Metal bands
Location :: Kempton Park, Gauteng, South Africa
Last Login :: Sunday 25th of January 2009

In 2003 brothers Martin Goldner and Hannes Goldner formed Grindlock. Anthony Joubert (AJ) joined about 6 months later and Sakkie Steyl joined the band in 2004.

When Hannes, AJ (drummer) and Sakkie left the band to spend more time on their careers and personal lives, Riaan joined as the drummer and Rob as bassist.

When Riaan decided to go his own way (hell knows why!), Dave joined us. After so many months, Dave decided to give more attention to another project. We have finally found Tyron who is a monster on drums and we are set to rip it up on stage!
The album \"The General State\" was recorded over a period of one year and was produced mixed and financed by Grindlock. It was great experience to record with the guys from Purple Sound Studios and they always made us feel at home.

Philip is also a new member of the band, who joined us in January 2008 as our new vocalist, We are currently working on some new material. Watch this space!

\"We are just simple artists that want to get on a stage and rock! We..ll rather moan about the world and other pains of life while having fun, than becoming serial killers. It\'s also a legal way of telling someone to \"fuck off\".... \"


....loads of potential...... : The Zine

......Really professional..these guys are going to go far....: Marq Vas

......I had it full blast in my car...... : Barney Simon

..I can only admire the professionalism and enthusiasm exuded by these musicians..: Absolute Tabs

.....Grindlock Rocks!..: Twilight X

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