Guns Go Bang!

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Genre :: Drunken/Party/Dance/Disco/Goodtime/Slamming it up/superb heavy spectacular/ ARMY
Status :: live and loud!
Location :: Edenvale, Gauteng, South Africa
Last Login :: Thursday 22nd of March 2012
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It all started in 2008
When some dudes got pissed and became best mates
It was music and mayhem they promised forever
And so they swore to do it together
Camo sat down and began to drum
So "Hook" pulled out his guitar and started to strum
Chris and Lorc’s where fighting over the microphone
Darren picked up the bass and they got into the zone
The created a genre of chaos and oblivion
Made a pact to never sound as gay as Trivium
And so from that day it all began
Where they played their music and the people ran
From then on everything started to unfold
And slowly but surely their story will be told
So when you are old and dying, pushing your baby in its pram
Remember to whistle the songs of GUNS GO BANG!!!
…and Oros made them famous

The band started in 2008. This band is all about good music, having fun and very different to any other bands. With two main vocalist (inward & outward) with a bassist does clean vocalist. Signed by Untamed Entertainment Guns Go Bang hit the S.A Music scene with a BANG! Playing some of the biggest music festivale's in 2009. If you like break-downs, a lil party music feel, sick vocals and a weird band name. Guns Go Bang!!! is for you!
and this band is dedicated to bring down adam and mario awe

Chris - Vox
Lorcan - Vox
Shiloh - Guitar
Leonard - Guitar
Darren - Bass/Backin Vocals
Camo - Drums

Guns Go Bang! Memers
Chris Rich
Outward vocals
Equippted with: Mic

Inward vocals
Equippted with: Mic

Equippted with: Guitar

Equippted with: Bass guitar

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