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Genre :: Electro goth/Darkwave
Status :: live and loud!
Location :: Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa
Last Login :: Monday 23rd of August 2010
Url :: http://www.hexotericka.co.cc

Hexotericka is a Darkwave / Electro Goth band from Pretoria, South Africa. The band was started in April of 2007 by two ex-members of the gothic rock band Disciples of Sorrow, Keith van Zyl and Allen Simpson.

After the untimely breakup of Disciples in 2004, both Keith and Allen felt they had still much more music to give, so a few months later they formed Retinal Burn, a rather obscure experimental band. Retinal Burn still exists as a side project, but it has taken quite a different turn from what it was initially conceived as. From a purely experimental sound, Retinal Burn had evolved into something which resembled Synthpop with a slight EBM bite.

Allen and Keith had kept constant contact with each other during these times, and both missed the good ol' Disciples days, the gigs, and everything that went with it. Both still kept writing songs and lyrics. However, both found that their new works were far more edgy and fast-paced than the songs they used to do in Disciples, and at the same time far too Goth for Retinal Burn.

Hexotericka started with the song 'Defined'. Keith composed the tune, while Allen provided lyrics for it several months later. With this their musical style returned to the Electro-Goth genre, and Hexotericka was born.

Other songs like 'An Ill-Fated Night', 'Beyond the Veil' and 'Creation' soon followed, along with revamped versions of two songs Keith wrote for Disciples of Sorrow, but never used: 'The Smallest Death' and 'Choice (Lament)'

In 2009 a new member joined, namely Mickey Gauche.

Hexotericka Memers
Keith van Zyl

Vocals, Songwriting, Programming

Allen Simpson

Vocals, additional lyrics.

Mickey Gauchè


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