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Genre :: Metal
Status :: live and loud!
Location :: Western Cape, South Africa
Last Login :: Friday 17th of December 2010

Now a lot of you are probably scratching your heads about what ING is supposed to mean. Its a metal band from Cape Town, South Africa who believe that all good verbs end in ING. Whether it be loving, hating, drinking, smoking or killing, much depends on whether you see Mother Theresa or Geoffrey Dahmer as your mentor. What we do offer with certainty is hate without discrimination, enough to put a smile on your face. We take the piss out of all people's intolerence whether it be religion, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation or political affiliation. We draw influences from thrash, power and death metal, punk and psychobilly rock. If you like it, spread it like its a disease. Please add it into your myspaces or burn it onto a CD and play it in a club, pub, hell just about everywhere.

Hi guys.....please access the songs via the facebook website. We will be popping on different songs from time to time for anyone to download....we ain't doing this for the money!!!!

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