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Genre :: Man Rock
Status :: in recording
Location :: Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa
Last Login :: Sunday 29th of March 2009
Url :: http://www.juggernaught.co.za

The word Juggernaught is derived from the Sanskrit word for "Lord of the universe" and is used to describe any unstoppable force that will crush all in its path.

Juggernaught are a bunch of hairy, whiskey guzzling, guitar slingin men, who play hairy, whiskey guzzling, guitar slingin music, they combine Classic Rock, Southern Metal, Blues and Rock 'n Roll into one loud, dirty and very bad ass brew called MAN-ROCK

Alex Munroe (ex Shadowlord) who was still living in England at the time started writing material for the group in late 2006. With all the music for the first recording already written, he moved back South in order to start the band.

The first EP was recorded in late 2007 and had Alex Munroe on Vocals/Guitar, Norman Linzmaier : Bass and Nik Katsouris : Drums

The band was not yet complete, however, when Oneyedog - Drums and All Man - Guitar (both ex KiddieFiddlers members) returned from rocking the balls off the English scene with their band Hellbent & Hammered, they joined JUGGERNAUGHT.

Beginning 2009 Gabriel "Snakebite" St White replaced Norman on bass.

Thanks to the diverse influence of the individual members, Juggernaught has an interesting and powerful sound, with lyrics that are steeped in traditional Rock 'n Roll Mythology and music that is soaked in whiskey and sin. In it's short one year history the band has played at most leading music festival around the country (Oppikoppi, Witchfest and Lucky Fish) and is becoming a big player in the Gauteng rock scene.

Juggernaught Memers
Alex Munroe

Equippted with: Les Paul Black Beauty, Marshall JMP 100W.

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