L.A. Cobra

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Genre :: Rock
Location :: Gauteng, South Africa
Last Login :: Friday 2nd of January 2009

The Band everybody’s talking about…

L.A Cobra; the up and coming Hard Rock band from South Africa was formed in November 2005.

Their music style and look makes this band not only unique to the South Africa market but also the international market. They brake away from all modern hard rock and nu metal genres, combining hard hitting 80’s rock with modern power and finesse. In fact they play Sleazy Hair Metal once popular in the early to late 1980’s!

With their over-the-top antics you can say they are a modern glam rock band, not only by their looks and sound but the bands general outrages stage behavior. L.A Cobra is all about girls, Harley’s, big hair, guitars and a good time!

L.A Cobra’s music influences come from many types of music ranging from 70’s rock bands like Kiss to bands like The Eagles, White Snake and Skid Row.

Their stage performance and different approach to modern music have got many people talking all around South Africa and Europe where they are currently featured on the Italian Glam Rock site, Slam Rocks.

L.A Cobra is still a very young band but looks very promising, bringing back those memorable guitar solo’s and “balls to wall” hard rock shows people have been craving for.

The band is: Don Cobra on vocals, Ron Midnight on bass, T Bone Billy on guitar, Vince Luv on lead guitar and Animal on drums.

Look out for these Leather Boys with Electric Toys! L.A Cobra: the most dangerous band you’ll find in 2006!

Written by: Basil Koufos – BK Photography.

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