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Genre :: Gothic Metal
Location :: Gauteng, South Africa
Last Login :: Monday 26th of January 2009

Laconia, based in Pretoria, South Africa, was first conceptualised in 2007, with a casual meeting between Lizette Mills (ex-Couch Potatoes), and Wilhelm Barnard (ex-Grymn). Some months later the band started becoming a reality with the joining of Dwayne Coetzee (Sacrifist; ex-Serpent Moon, ex-Funeral God). Laconia is unique in the way that their sound is completely untested and unrivalled. The melodic hooks and song structures, combined with the darkness and light of female and male vocals, sets Laconia apart from every band in the market today. Laconia\\\\\\\'s list of influences include: Draconian, Paradise Lost, Lacuna Coil, Guano Apes, Juliette & the licks, Opeth, Sins of My Beloved, Metallica, Tristania, Within Temptation, Katatonia, Iced Earth and Hypocrisy name but a few. Laconia\\\\\\\'s music is mainly composed by Dwayne Coetzee and Wilhelm Barnard, with lyrics written by Lizette Mills. Laconia is currently preparing for E.P recording, with the new-found final members of the band, Pieter Taljaard and Juan Gaggero.

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