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Genre :: Rock
Status :: in recording but playing live too!
Location :: Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa
Last Login :: Thursday 20th of August 2009
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Pushing their own boundaries with a passion and energy that infects
and entices is a staple in their music and a standard in their charged
live shows. A blend of four unique and definite personalities they are
a sound beyond exact description. Many equate them with varied acts
such as System Of A Down, Tool, Smashing Pumpkins and Bush. Whereas
these are influences, their sound is more than an ingestion and
regurgitation of these.

It is a product of influence, personality and creativity. They have
never succumbed to any trend or popular sentiment. Not anything but
what they want to be.

Lyderkane DEFINES the grey area. Lyderkane DEFIES the grey area.

contact: Ricardo on 082 994 3725
Steve on 072 633 5407

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