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Genre :: Progressive Metal
Status :: live and loud!
Location :: Northern Suburbs, Gauteng, South Africa
Last Login :: Monday 23rd of August 2010
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Newton’s 3rd – The past of a beginning

Every person goes through a stage where he/she encounters a situation or experience, that has this wonderful ability to make you realize that you’ve been totally ignorant of some universe moving in parallel with your blind wanderings. Just waiting to cross paths and ultimately create rebirth of a life.

One such encounter happened on a Saturday, month of June. The year of convergence, 2007. Matthew Gardner and Jaco Botha were just playing in Jaco’s lounge in Northriding. Suspecting that this could be some interesting pass-time, but encountering an epiphany towards late afternoon and deciding that life is meant to have a different course.

Many auditions later David Hercules Viljoen joined in September 2008 and put more of a deep tone to the sound, humming through the leaves. Followed shortly by Bronwyn Sherriff who put the primal thud to the apple of dreams, meant to awaken mental liberation.

From then on Newton’s 3rd [with Jaco on lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Matthew on lead guitar and backing vocals, Dave wooshing the bass and Bronwyn hitting the apples] have spent a lot of time behind closed doors, conducting their experiments and polishing their theories. Until it was felt that three of these were ready to write to disk. Action was soon taken and 1) The Compass 2) Mum and 3) Tick were recorded at Gunston Records.

This was not where it stopped. Newton’s 3rd would not gig before 9 complete songs were written and approved. This brings us forward to Opus Rebellius (11 July 2009), Newton’s 3rd’s introductory one day fest. This event was the brainchild of Newton’s 3rd, and aided by Wyplash Productions. This proved successful with over 700 hundred people attending and Cool Runnings Fourways filled to capacity during Newton’s 3rd’s performance.

More gigs followed and Newton’s 3rd is planting as many seeds as possible. Unfortunately, to remain loyal to Newton’s 3rd, Dave was removed from the band due to a difference of opinion in November 2009. Danny Helsing has taken over his role and Newton’s 3rd is going strong, gigging again in 2010, with new material at hand. Unfortunately Bronwyn also had to leave the band due to serious time constraints with studies, and Remo Koekemoer has taken over on the drums has added an immense influence to the sound of the band. This brainchild will continue to change and improve until there is room for even more improvement, so that Newton’s 3rd will not only be known for playing a huge role in starting the progressive metal scene in SA, but also to be known as an influence throughout the globe.

01. 3 Drops of Blood - Mum
02. 3 Drops of Blood - The Compass
03. 3 Drops of Blood - Tick

Newton's 3rd Memers
Jaco Botha

Guitar & Vocals

Matthew Gardner

Guitar & Backing Vocals

Remo Prog-Boy Koekemoer

Drums & Percussion

Danny Helsing


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