Painting June

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Genre :: Alternative Rock
Instrument :: Drums
Status :: live and loud!
Location :: Mpumalanga, South Africa
Last Login :: Tuesday 17th of August 2010
Equipment :: -Yamaha Custom Kit
Url ::
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Painting June is a 4 piece Alternative Rock band from KZN, with a bit of every genre in their set and an action packed show at all their venues.

Since their 3 Track Demo, recorded in 2009, they have progressed into a new way of composing. With steady beats, ground shaking vocals, strong solid riffs and sometime technical when least expected but still being able to travel to soothing melodies.

Make sure to catch them at a show near you.

Painting June is:

Dyllan Erasmus - Vocals
Luis Trujillo - Guitars
Travis Williamson - Bass
Calvin Davis - Drums

Painting June Memers
Dyllan Erasmus
Equippted with: Shure Microphones

Luis Trujillo
Equippted with: -Ibanez Guitars -Fender Amplifier

Calvin Davis
Equippted with: -Yamaha Custom Kit

Travis Williamson
Equippted with: -Ibanez Bass Guitars -Ibanez Amplifiers

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