Pariah Born

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Genre :: Alternative Rock
Status :: gigging and looking for gigs
Location :: Western Cape, South Africa
Last Login :: Wednesday 15th of July 2009

The History of Pariah Born.

Pariah Born was originally started by two people Marc (guitar) and Guy (bass) in 2003.

Together they started working on material ,creating the starting point for what is today, the alternative, power groove rock band that is Pariah Born.

From there they recruited a vocalist (Michael) and a drummer (Justin).The four then started practising day to day in Marc's parents lounge. As the band started progressing things were going good but there was something wrong.

Michael the vocalist was going in a different direction to the rest of the band and felt he needed to do his own thing.

Being that as it may, he left the band after a year of practising. The band was devastated and didn't know what they were gonna do because finding a vocalist is not easy. So the band took a break. Surprisingly, Michael
decided he wanted back in, so we agreed.

Still we tried to make it work but, gigging and practising just got more difficult with Michael. So for the second time Michael left the band. The band at this point was so tired of messing around, they needed a serious vocalist.

That's when Monica fell out of the sky and into our band. It was through a friend we heard that there was a female vocalist wanting to join a band. So we set up an audition and she blew us away. At this point the band knew where they were going musically, they just needed Monica to seal the deal.

The combination of the three male members who were into much heavier music worked well with Monica's softer style and influence.

At last Pariah Born is where it wants to be. The band now have the power to start something great. Practising and practising is all we did for a whole year before we played our first gig as our new improved Pariah Born in 2005.

From that point we gigged and were really going for it. When Monica fell sick with cancer in 2006 so PB took a year's break in order for Monica to recover.

When Monica recovered it was a blessing for all of us, ready we started up again in 2007 taking it easy getting into the scene one step at a time. From here the going has been good the band has progressed and moulded itself into
something that is alive and real. Pariah Born is constantly evolving improving it's sound and stage performance.

Pariah Born isn't trying to be something it's not. We're not going to say that our music is different or special it's what it is to you, but if you can relate to it and take the time to understand it, then all the challenges we have been through is worth it.

As for the name Pariah means social outcast being derived from social labelling according to how you fit into the social wheel. Pariah being people who don't fit in with the system. So Pariah Born as a whole illustrates how our band is made up of real people with real music moulded by society.

to be continued....

Pariah Born Memers
Monica Goncalves
Equipted with: Shure Sm58

Marc Fraser
Equipted with: Ibanez Prestige, Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier.

Justin van Wyk
Equipted with: Ludwig, Zildjian Dark customs,

Guy Jacobs
Equipted with: Warwick Thumb 5 string bass, Roland Db700 Amp.

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