Reasonable Man

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Genre :: Rock
Status :: live and loud!
Location :: Secunda, Mpumalanga, South Africa
Last Login :: Wednesday 14th of September 2011
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Reasonable Man is a four piece rock outfit from Secunda, South Africa.

Dennis Puth - Vocals & Guitar
Migael Rossouw - Bass
Pierre Lombard - Guitar
Pieter Rautenbach - Drums

The story of Reasonable Man:

Dennis, though shy about it, once wrestled 3 chihuahua puppies in 4 different parkies in and around Secunda. Sad to say, he had to tap out in rounds 4,1,4,2 respectively. Though this is not a great track record, he still takes the cake with his orange and sea green tiger skin tights. Some of Dennis's most memorable achievements : He once put a staple through a piece of paper, watched Migael get a tattoo on his arm and he dropped a plastic cup and it didn't even break!

Migael likes dozing off, and when not dozing off, he likes to think of dozing off. You'll find him at any Friendly Supermarket, flipping through the Heat magazine and tasting different brands of peanut butter for the nuttiest one. Oh, how he likes his nuts!

Pierre is the fraud fighting accountant type, known to his accounting friends as " Kosie Balance Sheet ". If things get out of hand, and numbers strike against being reconciled, he calls in his trusted sidekick " CAL-CU-LA-TOR "!!!! When Pierre is not busy conquering and defeating numbers, he will most likely be near the frozen meat isle in your local Spar slapping a pack of 24 smoked viennas! S-M-A-C-K !!!!

Pieter is the beard growing mamba of the group. This is where he hides his wallet, breath mints and sugar for his coffee. Being nominated for 2 Oscars, his beard is well on its way to fame and fortune. Pieter is also the proud owner of a pair of shoes.

Keep an eye and ear and tooth out for a Reasonable Man show near you!!!


This band is not liable for any damages as a result of listening and or attending their shows, willingly or forcefully, with or without prior notice of Reasonable Man rocking as hard as something other than what you would have, or may not have had the privilege of seeing in the past, present or future. We are not by law subjected to provide anyone with vegetarian meals.

Empire of Stone
Red Paprika

Band interests

Captain Morgan, Klippies & Cola, smoke breaks, snorgustus, Pierre Pressure, walking with shoes, mosquito bite scratching (seasonal)

Reasonable Man Memers
Dennis Puth
Vocals, Guitar

Pierre Lombard

Pieter Rautenbach

Migael Rossouw

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