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Genre :: Metal
Instrument :: Bass
Status :: in recording but playing live too!
Location :: Roodepoort, Gauteng, South Africa
Last Login :: Sunday 13th of November 2011
Facebook ::

In early 2010, Rossouw, Dean and Stuart began jamming in a death metal band called Angst of War. Many practice sessions and empty beer bottles later, the project came to an abrupt halt when the vocalist and second guitarist decided to leave the band due to work responsibilities.

Not wanting to abandon their hard work, the three kept jamming while thinking of suitable replacements. Inspiration struck in July. Stuart approached friends Jason Menzies and Kyle Balloch, who were also involved in various projects but were struggling to hold a full band together. They agreed to a session, and soon joined officially.

Because of the new dynamic brought to the band, the old set list was scrapped and the five began working on some brutal new tracks in August. Along with the new material came a new name Renounce. Their first show at The Bohemian on 23 April 2011 attracted a solid crowd, and from there, support for the five-piece has been unrelenting.

Renounce Memers
Kyle Balloch


Jason Menzies


Stuart Dickinson


Dean Pearson


Rossouw Maritz


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