Reverse The Sands

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Genre :: Melodic Death/Black Metal
Status :: in recording
Location :: Western Cape, South Africa
Last Login :: Friday 2nd of January 2009

The band formed By Rory Bergh (lead Guitar), Kyle Puller (vocals) and Richard Poultney (Bass) in early 2007, soon after they were joined by Jarrod Petersen (drums) and by july 07 Mat Vismer (guitars) joined completing the Band.
They originally started out very thrashy yet melodic with a less defined style but as they grew together in music and changed influences the band grew into a newer style (Deathcore) With a range of varying and very different influences the have a unique sound to offer.
Rts hopes you enjoy..

REVERSE THE SANDS - the name implies the changing of past mistakes, to \"turn over the hourglass\" and set right what man has destroyed. The music although dark, is an expession of man\'s outlook on his own self destruction, and a redefining will to correct his past.

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