Save The Ears For Breakfast

Marco da Fonseca
- Matricide (Drums)
- Save The Ears For Breakfast (Drums)

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Genre :: Indie-Punk
Status :: live and loud!
Location :: Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa
Last Login :: Wednesday 4th of August 2010

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A four-piece Bellville/Durbanville based Punk/Indie rock band with a progressive sound that will make you ponder the genres of local South African rock.

With a sound that echoes The Cure and Bloc Party having an urban street bash with Blink 182 and the eclectic Dartz!, STE4B (Save The Ears For Breakfast) strives to hone their sound to something that's reminescent and unique with a seriously determined neo-British-esque influence to their music.

With the band's induction as early as September 2009, and a young band as they may be, they strive to always have a great time on stage and throw in a few innuendos for good measure.
Receiving a growing audience, the quartet have performed at venues such as Zula Bar Long Street, The Purple Turtle, Mercury and others.
From different atmospheres, STE4B has covered many audiences and their sound can almost relate to anyone.

With tracks like; 'An Illusive Forest' that takes you on a climax through all the ups and downs of waking up to your lost love, through to 'The History' which blasts out incoherent rhythms and anthemic vocals that eventually leads you to the belted national anthem which begins the liberal South African and patriotic 'Rock'et', STE4B are a band that are here to stay and they hope to bridge all gaps culturally and musically.

So, catch the cacophany of guitars, melodious vocals, the hum of the bass and the smashing of the drums in and around Cape Town and it's neighbouring suburbs.

Graeme Raubenheimer - bassvox
Gareth Ball - guitarvox
Robert Raubenheimer - guitarvox
Marco da Fonseca - drums

Bloc Party, The Cure, Blink 182, Dartz!, Madina Lake, Rancid, The Clash, Biffy Clyro, The Smiths, Say Anything, NoFX, Tellison...etc

Band interests:
Partying, jamming, electrifying, and generally feeling the energy with a crowd while rocking out on stage to one of the most progressed sounds you'll ever hear!

Save The Ears For Breakfast Memers
Gareth Ball

Guitar, Vocals

Robert Raubenheimer

Guitar, Vocals

Marco da Fonseca

Equippted with: Zildjian, Tama, Gibraltar

Graeme Raubenheimer

Bass, Vocals

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