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Genre :: Rock
Status :: in recording but playing live too!
Location :: Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa
Last Login :: Tuesday 9th of March 2010
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Ⓢea ⓞf Ⓢtars is a refreshing blend of talent more than ready to hit South Africa like a comet.

Like the musicians themselves, the Music is powerfully passionate & equally sincere.
S.O.S draws from various styles and sounds from Amos to Zeppelin - a hybrid of sounds & feeling with an underlying 70s rock tone.

S.O.S is Jess Yallup on Vocals, Chris Brink on Lead Guitar, Brett Kenton (Drums) and Bass player David Imrie.


Dave Imrie is the oldest member of the Band which he makes up for with his young spirit and infectious sense of humor.
Dave is a semi-professional cyclist which is testimony to his endurance in character, when he's not driving his team towards finish lines - he's driving the band with his solid bass grooves.

The band's uber-charismatic surfer boy, Brett Kenton was born on October 31st - Halloween. This easily explain's his torso being covered with cartoon characters like - Frankenstein - Graveyards, Ghosts and Monsters. His rhythm's are detailed, accurate and demanding but Brett is as 'easy going' as a Sunday Morning Surf.

Chris Brink has the ability to literally make people's jaws drop when he plays guitar. He's quiet and somewhat shy but who needs words when you can make a guitar sing and cry like it's nobody's business ? Chris has been described by various people in the entertainment industry as 'Durban's little guitar prodigy'.

Vocalist Jess Yallup pours honey, and passion over the mix - or is it sugar and spice and all things nice? Her voice is unusually husky, gentle and delicate - celtic and at times, then Joplin-esque at others. Jess has trained in classical and jazz and, like Chris, has vast professional theatre & corporate experience."I Love astrology and astronomy - I'd like people to feel as if they're soaring through some kind of vibrant galaxy when hearing our music".

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