Shackles and Bones

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Genre :: Rock 'n Roll
Status :: live and loud!
Location :: Eastern Cape, South Africa
Last Login :: Saturday 6th of October 2012
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Formed in July 2010 in Grahamstown, South Africa by Dave Glover, Alex Williamson, Neil Van Zuydam and Luke Clayton, the band quickly took-off and established itself within the Grahamstown arena. After merely 3 months playing together, the guys had written 8 songs, and came 2nd in Rhodes University's LMS Battle of the Bands, winning recording time at Sonic Arts Studios. Using their prize, they recorded their demo album, which was produced and mixed by Luke Clayton himself.

2011 saw the playing alongside national bands such as Southern Gypsy Queens, Dance!Youre on Fire and CrashCarBurn. In July 2011, they played shows at the Grahamstown National Arts Festival, receiving many positive reviews, great crowd response and a whole lot of experience!

2012 saw the beginning of a new era for Shackles and Bones with Steven Ellery and Grant Mears replacing Neil Van Zuydam and Alex Williamson respectively. Since that time Shackles and Bones has released their new EP, Free Parking and have been aired on 5fm with their track Death Clown Communist. Shackles and Bones also shot a music video to that same track and has currently surpassed 1000 hits on YouTube in just 4 months.

What their future holds, no one knows. But one thing is for sure: these guys will continue to rock, to roll, and deliver one hell of a show!

A four-piece rock band that meets you at the bar, chats you up, then punches you in the face. Unrelenting and merciless, and with the stage presence of an electrocuted dinosaur, Shackles & Bones will blow your socks off and burn them. Then sprinkle the ashes in your mother's flower garden.

With a mixture of old-school rock, modern hard rock and many other nuances thrown in, Shackles & Bones is for anyone who likes to 'Get Down' and play in the 'Dirt'. So Buckle up, let your hair loose, and get your self ready for Shackles & Bones!

Download our album 'Free Parking' from:

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