Someday Rush

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Genre :: Rock
Status :: live and loud!
Location :: Western Cape, South Africa
Last Login :: Monday 22nd of April 2013
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Five talented musicians namely Carmen-Lee Julius, Kyle Abrahamse, Nick Pugin and Michael Gentis came together in April 2010 with stars in their eyes. Little did they know, they were to become a band to be reckoned with. Carmen Lee Julius, lead vocalist of SR describes the meaning behind the band’s name as, “Everybody has a dream and goal they work towards. Something that gives them their personal sense of purpose. Nobody knows how or when it will come, but the point is to live your life, focused on this Someday Rush. To never lose sight of it. To live everyday working towards it.” Carmen is a vocal stalwart. She achieves an unparalleled emotive response through her soaring voice and powerful vocals. The band infuses their performances with an existential channeling of emotions and spirituality, combining every facet of their lives into the lyrics and music.

Someday Rush has broken boundaries with their performances. They have entrusted their fans with their hearts, knowing their fans would take better care of it than they do. This is what gives Someday Rush such a powerful yield; the intimacy of their music. Their lyrics speak of life, love, mourning and hope. Their music is underlined with a social commentary about the battles we face on a daily basis, interspersed with bursts of humanity and the human condition.

Their youth is not evident in their performances, as they have gained a massive cult following in Cape Town, with fans describing their shows as “professional”, “mature” and “powerful”. They are anything but inexperienced, having achieved nationwide success in Battle of the Band competitions and the release of their self-titled debut EP, Someday Rush does not carry the label of self-indulgence or naivety. Someday Rush is releasing their brand new singles in the coming year and are patiently awaiting their chance to be signed to a massive record label. Yes, they are that good, just listen to the screams of their thousands of adoring fans at any of their live shows

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