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Sonder Apologie


Genre :: Punk, Metal
Status :: live and loud!
Location :: North West Province, South Africa
Last Login :: Wednesday 13th of July 2011

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Sonder Apologie

Afrikaans Sonder Apologie is n 5 stuk afrikaanse punk / metal band van Rustenburg Suid Afrika. Die band het ontstaan in die begin van 2009 en het sedert dan groot opslae gemaak. Die klank van die band is n vinnige ritmiese en melodiese klank met swaar metal elemente.

English Sonder Apologie is a 5 piece Afrikaans punk / metal band from Rustenburg South Africa. The band started out in the beginning of 2009 and has made a huge buzz.The sound of the band is a fast paced rhythmic and melodic sound with heavy metal elements.


Pantera, Nickelback, Threat Signal, Killswitch Engage, Fokofpolisiekar, Van Coke Kartel, Superjoint Ritual, Linken Park, 30 Seconds to Mars, Metallica, Megadeath, Underoath, Slipknot, Marilyn Manson, Damageplan, Lamb Of God, The Haunted

Sonder Apologie Memers
Equippted with: Shecter 6 String

Equippted with: Ibanez 6 String

Equippted with: Sonor 5 Piece

Equippted with: Ibanez 4 string Iceman

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Here's what others have said:
Melposted on Tuesday 22nd of September 2009 at 14:30

Hey there, ya this place is quite quiet but Myspace is too slow!!! Listened on Make Some Noise, sounds good.. bit strange in Afrikaans.

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