Soul Sanctuary

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Genre :: Alternative Metal
Status :: in recording but playing live too!
Location :: UK
Last Login :: Tuesday 28th of July 2009
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Soul Sanctuary are a Six Piece Alternative Metal Band from the South Coast of England, formed in 2006. Soon to release their self-produced debut album "Afterlife" and in the process of developing their first professional video in conjunction with BBC editor and independent film maker Mat Rees, Soul Sanctuary state "We are very excited about the coming months, it's time to make history or die trying!"

The last few months have seen Soul Sanctuary go from strength to strength, gaining much notoriety and appraisal from their peers for their oustanding and energetic performances and original, but catchy song writing. On a Quest to Conquer the world one song at a time with their unique brand of melody driven metal, Soul Sanctuary leave a trail destruction and mayhem in their wake. A show certainly not to be missed.

Soul Sanctuary is here... You have been warned...

01. Afterlife - Excessive Exposure
02. Afterlife - A Game Of Conviction
03. Afterlife - Killing Time
04. Afterlife - Scars Of You
05. Afterlife - Cauterized
06. Afterlife - Packaged To Sell
07. Afterlife - Destiny
08. Afterlife - Gone Away
09. Afterlife - Zeitgeist
10. Afterlife - An Undiluted Truth
11. Afterlife - Heart Attack

"Ferociously felt and brilliantly played heavy metal 9/10" - East Magazine

"Soul Sanctuary are less a band and more an invading army of metal!" - Total Guitar Magazine

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