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Genre :: Heavy Metal
Location :: Capr Town, Western Cape, South Africa
Last Login :: Wednesday 7th of January 2009

Stellitius, Formed in February 2006 in Cape Town. The mix of experience, age and tastes within the band, was always going to define the sound, and comes through providing a unique style feel.

The members of the band are Alan Drums, Andy Guitars, Ivan Guitars, Ian Bass \\ Vocals.

They plan to work on new material and push forward to try and create something new in the local metal scene and grab a few followers while they are at it. Andy, Alan and Ian have been playing together part time for close to 3 years looking for the right vocalist and guitarist. Eventually we decided on Ivan whose precise guitar playing and good ear adds fullness and melody to the band. Our previous vocalist Juan migrated back to Johannesburg.

Andy Brings his experience and unique sound through old school style solos that make you want to shed a fucking tear every time you hear it. Alan who is a busy hyperactive little drummer, comes with precise cymbal and tom action and timing like a metronome. Ian the bassist has weird bass lines that cut through the mix like a knife, adding again to the unique sound that is STELLITIUS.

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