The Glow

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Genre :: Progressive Nindie Rock
Instrument :: Drums
Status :: in recording but playing live too!
Location :: Gauteng, South Africa
Last Login :: Wednesday 12th of August 2009
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The Glow are an ambitious, 4 piece progressive rock band from Pretoria, with broad musical interests mixed, in an assertive,high octane style. Although we wish we were a Norwegian Speed Metal band, we have gracefully resigned ourselves to playing fun,groovy music.We are NOT indie; we're Nindie.

The band formed in late 2007 out of the ashes of previous band, 'The Monroe Affair' which included Carl, Demke and Trev. After the break-up of 'The Monroe Affair', Trev and current drummer Jethro started jamming together and soon included Carl and Demke into the mix. After numerous name changes, from 'Burn the Factory' to 'Sandy Pants' we finally decided to settled on 'The Glow'.

We like experimenting with unconventional rhythms and song structures, and blending genres not commonly associated with each other, we want to offer something different yet accessible in a world saturated with identical sounding radio bands.

The Glow Memers
Carl van Renen
Guitar and Vocals

Treveshan Pather

Jethro Vlag

Demke Bitzer

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