The Ocean Doesn't Want Me

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Genre :: Experimental Rock/Metal
Status :: live and loud!
Location :: Gauteng, South Africa
Last Login :: Tuesday 28th of July 2009
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The Ocean Doesn’t Want Me is three guys wrestling with dejection, losing their innocence, basking in apathy and making a damn racket along the way.

Instead of subscribing to any particular style of music, they have rather committed to exploring their collective influences.The usual suspects make an appearance: meandering post-rock leanings, doom riff trudges and passages of progressive rock, but these are interspersed with, when you least expect it, flirtations into electronics, choirs of vocals and touches of pop sentiment.The music has a claustrophobic soul. It can not at any stage JUST remain, it needs to go, anywhere.

01. Which I hope to live for - The end is (still) nigh
02. Which I hope to live for - While you were away
03. Which I hope to live for - way, I forgot
04. Which I hope to live for - to stay
05. Which I hope to live for - the same
06. Which I hope to live for - Nation of spears
07. Which I hope to live for - You're yellow not golden
08. Which I hope to live for - Saved by Tsavendas' worm
09. Which I hope to live for - We watched them come

The Ocean Doesn't Want Me Memers
Guitar, Voice
Equipted with: Peavey, Fender, Boss, Ibanez, Line-6

Drums, keyboard, electronics
Equipted with: Tama, Zildjian, Roland, Korg

Bass, 2nd Voice
Equipted with: Hartke, Behringer, Ibanez, Boss, Korg

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