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Genre :: Hard Rock
Status :: gigging and looking for gigs
Location :: Bothasig, Western Cape, South Africa
Last Login :: Tuesday 12th of May 2009
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Band Profile:

A commercial hard rock / alternative rock / acoustic rock band based in Cape Town. With such a diverse style, it is no wonder they are called The Undefind.
Gareth James (lead vocals and rhythm guitar), Marcel Smit (lead guitar), Jeanre' Leo (drums), Christopher Wilson (bass) and Kendal Spinola (lead vocals and backing) are The Undefind. Each has their own unique style, own opinion and own tastes, but they all have one major thing in common... a passion and love for making music.

Where it all began (making covers their own)

Established in August of 2005, The Undefind started out as a cover band. In this on going period they gained an enormous amount of experience playing in shows all over Cape Town.

The band has a knack for taking old and new songs alike and adding on that undefined spin, truly making it their own. What then would be more apt than calling themselves The Undefind? Their repertoire ranges from Creedence Clearwater Revival to Linkin Park, to name but a few.
In their career as a cover band they have had the opportunity to play several high profile shows:


The Undefind performed at Sun City, where they made a name as one of Cape Town’s top cover bands and still hold that title today.
Performed at The Intercontinental Hotel in Sandton City, Johannesberg at the Annual Ambassadors Ball, 2005. The band had an overwhelming response and even the Ambassador to Australia couldn’t help but say: “Who would have thought that a ball could rock this hard?”


The Undefind performed at The Mama Africa Awards with some of South Africa’s top celebrities, namely Springboks Corne’ Krige and Schalk Burger as well as Idols winner Heinz Winkler. The band had the crowd going to such an extent that they were asked to perform an extra set.

The Undefind performed at The V&A Waterfront Amphitheatre, an event organized to encourage parents to support their children’s career choices. The Undefind received a standing ovation for their star quality performance.

The Undefind performed at functions in Johannesburg at Monte Casino and the crowds and owners of Café Vacca Matta welcomed the band with open arms. Vacca Matta’s owners had this to say about the performance: “You are welcome to come back any time you are in the area”.

Interview in the “Die Mense” magazine. The journalist recommended The Undefind for functions as Cape Town’s hottest band.


The Undefind started the New Year off at Captains Cabin in Saldahna Bay in a battle of the bands, a competition they would go on to win. From there they were interviewed on West Coast Radio where once again The Undefind was labeled as the best thing that’s hit the West Coast in years. The band now has a huge and loyal following and is a household name in any venue in Langebaan, Saldahna Bay, Vredenberg and Velddrift.

The Undefind welcomed new members Kendal Spinola, Marcel Smit, Chris Wilson and Bradley Masson.

As this hot 5 piece band evolved, so did the shows, becoming more high profiled as they started spreading out to venues such as Gecko Bar in Hermanus and Nameless Pub in Somerset West.

The band continues to build a huge and loyal fan base in these areas.


In 2008 their evolution took a giant leap forward when Jay Leo joined The Undefind.

The Undefind was asked to perform at the very popular student venue Tollies in Stellenbosch.
The band had the students partying so hard that a few sent messages saying how sore their necks were from the night before.
The band was interviewed on Stellenbosch’s student radio station, MFM.

The evolution continues (making their own music)

As an original band The Undefind is turning heads everywhere they go. The band is known for their unique stage performance and crowd interaction. They are tight, professional, powerful and they look and sound great.

The Undefind has done various high profile shows in 2008 and will be doing even more in 2009. The opportunities seem endless for this exceptional 5 piece act.


The Undefind performed at Eye of Horus in Cape Town and had an enormous crowd singing their songs and partying non stop during the performance.

In March, The Undefind had their first music video aired on MK (Channel 324) on DSTV. It received a huge response and has opened doors all over South Africa for The Undefind. It still airs on MK today.

In June The Undefind performed as opening act for one of South Africa’s top bands Prime Circle. The band received an amazing response as 800 people sang along to their songs.

In September The Undefind posted 2 demos on Mxit Music (South Africa’s premier cellphone based chatting and sharing platform) where it quickly climbed to the top of the charts and where it stayed for 2 months. The Undefind was voted no 8 on Mxit music’s top 20 bands for 2008.

In September The Undefind performed at the Lente Lawaai Festival with top bands like Prime Circle, Dirty Skirts, Jesse Jordan and Southern Gypsy Queen.

In October The Undefind competed in The Battle of the Bands at Stones (Table View) and beat 12 other bands for this coveted title. The Undefind won studio time worth R20 000 from Cape Audio College.

In December The Undefind performed live on KTV on Mnet, a performance which received great response from independent record companies. The band also performed at Trotters Pub in Boksberg, hosted by Authentic Ideas with top Johannesburg bands like Cutting Jade, Running with Scissors and My Coke Fest 2007 performers, Lonehill Estate. The Johannesburg crowds went wild and surely can’t wait for The Undefind ‘s next performance in the Golden City.

During the Jozie tour, The Undefind also performed with Canadian stadium band The Last Supper. The front man quoted “Id hate to be playing after you guys”.

Future Plans

The Undefind will be one of Mxit music’s top 5 bands to be on Studio 1 on MK (Channel 324) First air date, the 19th of February at 19h30 and then every 2nd Thursday thereafter.

More dates and info to be added soon.

The band is currently hard at work on their first full length album. Keep your eyes and ears glued for more regarding the official release date.

The Undefind is managed by Kega Events and Artist Management (K.E.A.M). Contact Gareth at 0768932272 or email:

The Undefind Memers

Vocals and Rhythm Guitar
Equipted with: Epiphone and Line 6


Lead Guitar
Equipted with: Ibanez and Line 6


Lady Vocals
Equipted with: Shure Beta 58


Equipted with: Zildian A-custom and Sabian


Equipted with: Ibanez BTB and Full stack Ashdown

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gazaposted on Tuesday 12th of May 2009 at 12:56

Hey all

From the 11th of June till the 16th of July Kega Events and Artist Management will host a Battle of the Bands to be held at Cheetahs in Brackenfell.


1st Prize: R5000 Cash + 50% off for gear up to R10 000's
2nd Prize: R2500 Cash + 50% off for gear up to R5000
3rd Prize: R2000 Cash

Everyone’s a winner!!!

Cheetahs will supply each band member with drink vouchers.

For submission forms email or Gareth 076 893 2272

All bands are welcome.

More prizes and info coming soon.....



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