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Genre :: Death Metal
Location :: Western Cape, South Africa
Last Login :: Thursday 26th of February 2009

The Warinsane came into being in February 2006. For years all of us in The Warinsane had known eachother, but were always committed to other projects. When the opportunity arose to finally realise this great lineup, we grabbed it with both hands.

The band initially started out with Alec Surridge and Anton De Villiers on Guitar, Steven Van Heerden on Bass and Brian Jooste on Drums. Eventually after a few months we were happy to recruit George Schoombie on vocals. All of the musicians above had many years experience playing in various metal bands (some more successful than others ), including Sacraphyx, Gramlich, Empyrean, Deathwish and Corruption of Virtue. Also, half of our current members have shared the stage with international acts like The Haunted, Sepultura and Entombed to name a few, and Sacraphyx also had the honour of playing at the Wacken open air festival in 2001 ). We held our first gig on Halloween at Cornerbar in Durbanville to a full ( and expectant ) club, and the dye was cast…….

We then spent the next while expanding our repertoire and getting our name out there, including a number of gigs in the Cape Town area ( Roar, Cornerbar, Eye of Horus etc ) and of course a great slot at Whiplash 2007. Around this time, George decided that he’d like to devote more time to his career and ever-expanding family, and we were lucky to recruit Wallace Warner on vocals ( previously the Bassist for Toyland and Forever Will Burn ). Since then our approach, songwriting abilities and performances have become more and more aggressive and ambitious, and we have been encouraged by the impressive turn out at our gigs. We have enjoyed our busiest gigging year yet, and we had a great time playing at the M4A Winterfest ( where a live compilation dvd was filmed, to be released in October ).We also took the journey to play at Witchfest ’08 and were proud to represent Cape Town in one of the most publicised metal events of the year. We are looking forward to our slot at Whiplash 2008 and are also planning a tour or 2 early next year, more than likely to Pretoria, Namibia and Port Elizabeth. Soon we will settle into writing mode again and concentrate on expanding our repertoire.

We launched our debut EP, “Human Evilution” at Witchfest ’08, and thus far we have been encouraged by the great response. We will continue to support the EP with our energetic shows as usual, and hope to begin recording our first full length album within the first 6 months of next year.

Our intention is not to preach to anyone, and we don’t intend to convey any life changing messages in our music. Our lyrics concern topics that Affect all of us in one way or another, including War, the criminal justice system, politics, and our general experiences as we go about daily life. If someone gets something out of it, great. If you don’t, come and have a party with us anyway. We are known for our energetic shows, and our humourous frontman will no doubt get a few laughs out of you… We’re just here to play the heavy music that we love and have a great time doing it. 2008 has so far been a great year for The Warinsane (Thanks to the fans ), and we hope to continue this streak. Hope to see you at the gigs soon ?


The Warinsane

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