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Genre :: Metal/Hardcore
Status :: live and loud!
Location :: Western Cape, South Africa
Last Login :: Saturday 22nd of May 2010

Facebook ::!/ThisDyingWorld?v=wall&ref=ss

This Dying World is a Christian metalcore/hardcore band from Cape Town, and was formed in January 2009 with the members Wimpie, Ryan, Don, Christian and Pieter. Shortly afterwards, Pieter left the band and Christian moved from drums to vocals. After much searching, we were later joined by Paul on drums. We work hard on the music we write and put a lot of passion into it to create our own sound, combining brutality with melodies to form it, you'll find us to not be your average listen with overly abused breakdowns. Our work is not for the sake of us, it's for what we believe and that is Jesus Christ.

This Dying World Memers
Christian Mills
Vocalist for TDW
Equippted with: Amazing vocal abilities, ranging from high pitch screams and deep growls. He is also very talented in writing lyrics that goes well with the music and acting it out on stage!!!

Don Williams
Equippted with: His melodic and rhytmical approaches in writing new songs always gives TDW a fresh feel for the crowd to enjoy and appreciate each new song that is shared on stage.

Ryan Dias
Equippted with: Equipment: Amazed at the energy he portrays at each show, with his movement and flexibility, he always gets the crowd pumping for some intense moshing.

Paul Patterson
Equippted with: Extremely talented for his age, he knows his way around the drum kit. His confidence and capacity to learn new things always inspires the crowd to come back for another unforgetable show.

Wimpie Dempsey
Equippted with: Being a bassist of note... not playing the average root notes but with the same approaches as his follow shredders on stage, he always involves the crowd with his antics and craziness on stage...

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