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Genre :: Melodic Death/Black Metal
Location :: Durbanville, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa
Last Login :: Thursday 26th of February 2009

Valediction started in June 2008 as a idea among some friends. They started jamming together for fun and later decided to form a band!
The band consists of 6 young metalheadz from Durbanville High School:
[18]Raymond Gouvea, Lead Screamz
[18]Kyle Frick, Rythm/Lead Guitarz
[19]Jaco Etsebeth, Bassz
[17]Charlie Van Rensburg, Rythm/Lead Guitarz
[17]Ewan Van Zyl, Keyboardz
[16]Steyn Lotter, Drumz
The band is dedicated to making brutal and Melodic metal for the growth of the South African metal scene. Valediction\'s influences stretch from the black and melodic sound of bands like Dimmu Borgir and Illnath, to death and thrash riffs like The Faceless and Chilldren Of Bodom.
The band currently has 4 original songs and are working on lots more.

Valediction Memers
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