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Genre :: Metal
Location :: Western Cape, South Africa
Last Login :: Monday 26th of January 2009

VOL is a band spawned out of the love for creating interesting and new music and strive for that true unique sound that will reflect them to the fullest. Intent on producing an eclectic mix between old and Nu-school metal VOL are fresh and willing to get their music out there and be heard! The band was instigated in 2003 by original drummer Artur Pereira who felt there was a gap in the SA music scene and that VOL would be the band to fill it. He only did two gigs with the band before moving to the UK whereupon VOL then took up the talent of 12th Avenue drummer Bradley Masson, who filled the seat perfectly. Bradley continued to play with the band until late August 2004, playing his finale at the prestigious White Horse Sessions at Mercury Live in Cape Town. Artur returned from the UK to resume his duties with the band. VOL are a hard working band and know just how important playing live is; not only for the exposure, but also for the love of music that drives each of them. This desire to reach out to the rock-loving audience has seen VOL on the same line-up as punkers Hog Hoggidy Hog, metalcore giants Toyland and Nu-metal heroes Ill System. VOL launched their self-produced demo at Mercury Lounge on the 1st of December 2004 where they managed to match the venue’s 100-person limit, as well as, unfortunately, have to turn people away at the door. It was a monumental occasion for the band which has urged them to work harder than ever before. Another highlight for the band is the forthcoming one-night-only reunion gig of 90’s SA music icons; Lithium, where they will be one of the opening acts alongside Fokofpolisiekar. VOL have many influences ranging across the hard rock spectrum, including Faith No More, Korn, Mr Bungle, Jamiroquai, Taproot, White Zombie, Voivod, Type O Negative, STP, Staind and Pearl Jam. VOL is a band who just want to have FUN and ROCK THE WORLD!!

Never take anything for granted…we are all here for a reason.

V.O.L Memers
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