Welcome to the machine-S.A's Pink Floyd tribute band

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Genre :: Rock
Status :: live and loud!
Location :: Eastern Cape, South Africa
Last Login :: Wednesday 23rd of February 2011
Url :: http://www.pinkfloydtribute.co.za

Facebook :: http://www.facebook.com/groups/edit.php?members&new&saved&gid=342616977958#!/group.php?gid=342616977958

Welcome to the Machine - South Africa's Pink Floyd Tribute Band - is a Johannesburg based 6 piece band who simply love the music of Pink Floyd. The members come from various professional musical backgrounds and jumped at the opportunity to recreate not just the music, but also the atmospheric live performances of one of the world's most enduring rock bands, the legendary Pink Floyd.

Included in their play list are all the Floyd favourites going way back to the early 70's. All songs played by Welcome to the Machine come from 'Meddle' (1971), 'Dark Side Of The Moon' (1973), 'Wish You Where Here' (1975), 'Animals' (1977), 'The Wall' (1979), 'A Momentary Lapse of Reason' (1987), "Division Bell' (1994) and there's more to come.

Welcome to the Machine is a live concert tribute to the music of Pink Floyd ... the sounds, the lights, the experience. Whether you are new to Pink Floyd's music, or wish to reminisce about the legacy of the greatest rock band of all time, Welcome to the Machine is an experience not to be missed.

Please visit us on: Face book & MySpace

Welcome to the machine-S.A's Pink Floyd tribute band Memers


Mike Smuts

Lead guitar/vocals


Bass guitar

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