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Available Openings

We hope to make public current event openings on the scene. At the same time giving organisers a way to contact new and or known bands, photographers, journalists, venue managers and whoever else. Visitors are invited to monitor the RSS feed or this page to stay current but you might want to sign up to get notified via email.

Mail is sent only to figures selected by the organiser! First apply the provincial and or genre (soon name too) filter then make use of the checkboxes before sending out information.

Email Updates

To keep up to date with available openings via email you must register, create a public page, plug in your booking details and activate your page (in your preferences).

Once live you will appear in the listings when organizers add an opening.

RSS Updates

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Current List

There are currently no available slots in the database. Organisers please consider using the free tool to organise an event. We simply mail the relevant members of our community and ask them to mail you if they are interested in doing the event.